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What Are The Kratom Effects?



Kratom Effects
You may not have heard of kratom (sometimes referred to as krathom or kratum) before, and therefore may not know about the amazing benefits of this magical powder!

Kratom and kratom effects have been a hot topic in the news lately, and because of this, it might not be fully understood or there might be some misinformation surrounding this ancient ingredient. Kratom and kratom effects are somewhat poorly understood in Western society.

According to the World Wide Health Organization, in this day and age, about eighty percent of the world’s population still rely on plant based and natural medicines. Kratom is one of these natural medicines.

We have compiled a slew of information on kratom and kratom effects for you below.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a powder made from a deciduous tree, botanical name being Mitragnya Speciosa, which is a part of the same tree family as the coffee tree. The kratom tree is found in the area of Southeast Asia, predominantly in Borneo, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, with about ninety percent of the kratom sold world wide being farmed in Indonesia.

Ingesting kratom for it’s natural pain relieving benefits stretches back centuries in these areas of Southeast Asia (1). Kratom effects include working as a stimulant or as a sedative, depending on the dose administered.

Kratom trees can grow up to anywhere from ten to fifteen metres and is characterized by its large, dark and glossy green leaves which is where the kratom powder is cultivated from. The leaves of the kratom tree shed and grow out again numerous times each year, with the rainy season in Southeast Asia being the season of the most growth of leaves, and the dry season in Southeast Asia being the season of the most shedding of leaves. As more and more people have started to learn about kratom and kratom effects, the farming of kratom is becoming more popular in other countries, with hydroponic kratom farming becoming more widespread (2).

Kratom is a natural supplement that is full of impressive health benefits. The reason that kratom is so healthy is because of the various alkaloids, nutrients and unique chemical compounds that kratom is made up of. All of these together work to affect various organ systems within the human body.

A Brief History of Kratom


Kratom and kratom trees have been known of and used for it’s effects in Southeast Asia dating back hundreds and hundreds of years. The first rumoured documentation of kratom in Western society came from the writings of Pieter Willem Korthals, a botanist (an expert in the field of scientific study of plants and any from of plant life) who was working for the East India Company in the early years of the nineteenth century, who witnessed the ingestion of kratom and the kratom effects on the people who ingested it in Malaysia.

A few years after the writings of Pieter Willem Korthals, kratom was again written about by H. Ridley, who documented the process of kratom being used as an aid to wean people off of opium, which was rife in the area at the time.

These were only the first documented cases of kratom in Western civilization. Kratom had been used in the East for centuries before hand.

Benefits of Kratom


The reason that kratom has been consumed for so many centuries, is because it has a wide range of notable and proven health benefits. The health benefits present in kratom leaves come specifically from the various nutrients and chemical compounds found in these leaves.

There are many different strains of kratom and different strains are better at performing certain actions than others.Kratom strains can be grouped into four different categories (3);


  • Stimulant strains of kratom


  • Sedative strains of kratom


  • Analgesic strains of kratom


  • Uplifting strains of kratom

Kratom Works to Relieves Pain


Pain relief is one of the most well known and popular health benefits of kratom leaves. Pain relief has actually been the one of the main reasons that kratom leaves have been medicinally used for centuries.

The analgesic (analgesia is the relief from feeling pain) properties of kratom leaves come from the alkaloids and some nutrients in the leaves. Kratom contains a compound, or alkaloid, called 7-Hydroxymitragynine which is primarily responsible for pain relief.

The way that you prepare your kratom for consumption will also have an impact on the effectiveness on the ability of kratom to induce pain relief. For example, using the crushed kratom leaves to make a kratom tea has been shown yield better results (4). Certain strains of kratom (such as white vein varieties and certain strains indigenous to Thailand) also tend to have more powerful pain relieving abilities than others, because certain strains have higher amounts of 7-Hydroxymitragynine in them.

The pain relieving kratom effects make this natural ingredient a great alternative for usual run of the mill pharmaceuticals.

Kratom is also a natural supplement that can be used as a muscle relaxant.

Kratom can Boost Your Energy Levels


The energy boosting properties released by kratom leaves has made kratom popular with the working class in Asia for centuries. Farmers have been known to chew the whole kratom leaves whilst working to stay alert and energized.

When it comes to ingesting kratom for the sake of feeling energized, it is important to be aware of which strain you are taking, as there are various strains that work as sedatives, thus having the exact opposite effect. The kratom strains Maeng Da, White Vein strains, Vietnam and Thai, are the best choices for a boost in energy levels (5).

Kratom actually impacts the level of your hormones and the metabolic processes within your body, which is what works to increase your energy levels. One of the kratom effects is on your circulation. Kratom actually increases your circulation and results in higher amounts of oxygenated blood being sent to various areas of your body that are lacking in oxygen, which, as it is paired with a boost in metabolic activities, will provide a boost of energy to your muscles.

Those who are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome can benefit greatly from this natural kratom effect.

Kratom can Work as a Sexual stimulant


Kratom leaves have long been used for their sexually stimulant properties. It has been thought by traditional practitioners that kratom leaves can boost fertility, as well as acting as an aphrodisiac as kratom increases blood flow and acts as an energy booster. It is thought that the extra energy that ingesting kratom leaves provides, increases physical endurance and lengthens the duration of sexual activity.

There is also research to suggest that kratom leaves can stimulate nerves physical sensation (6).

Kratom can Reduce Anxiety and Depression


Over eighteen percent of the population over eighteen years of age in the United States suffer from anxiety each year, and only under thirty seven percent of those who suffer seek out any kind of treatment. Anxiety disorders and depression are among the most common mental disorders in the United States and can come in various forms including social anxiety, panic disorder, major depressive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

The effects of anxiety disorders include but are not limited to;

  • Experiencing irrational fears and phobias
  • A quickening heart rate, or heart palpitations
  • Experiencing feelings of excessive worry
  • Experiencing anxiety or panic attacks
  • Feeling irritable
  • Intrusive or unwanted thoughts
  • Poor concentration
  • A disrupted sleep cycle, or insomnia
  • Feelings of hypervigilance
  • Feelings of nausea
  • Trembling in the hands
  • Feelings of fear and or impending doom

Anxiety and depression can be caused by numerous factors including environmental factors, a build up of metals in the brain, stressful living conditions and past traumas. Kratom effects are useful for those suffering from depression and or anxiety as the leaves are anxiolytic substance (an anti anxiety or anti panic agent which inhibits anxiety). Kratom works to regulate hormones within our bodies which in turn works to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

There are some strains of kratom that work better for relieving feelings of depression and anxiety than others. The strains of Indo, bali, Borneo and Red veins are particularly useful for these disorders (7).

Kratom can Aid in Addiction Recovery


Opium addiction has run almost rampant in many Eastern countries for centuries. There are many different kinds of harmful drugs nowadays that works as opiates. And opiate is any drug that produces morphine like effects in the brain and body by acting on opiate receptors within the brain. Many people become addicted to opiates by using painkillers after a surgery or a bad injury.

Methadone, heroin, codeine, morphine, oxycontin and hydrocodone are a few examples of natural opiates, synthetic opiates and semisynthetic opiates which when being used, could cause people to become addicted to opiates.

Kratom has long been used as a natural means of weaning yourself or a patient off of any kind of opiate as it can actually mimic some of the effects of opiates without bringing any of the harmful side effects of actually using real opiates. People have for centuries been chewing on the leaves of the kratom tree for this exact purpose.

While it will possibly not completely sure a patient of their opiate addiction, it is known as a “tolerable solution” that will relieve the effects of the withdrawals opiate addicts suffer during their period of getting clean from the drug (8). A few examples of withdrawal effects from opiates are nausea, trembling, vomiting, abdominal pain and anxiety. The withdrawals may be severe but are not by any means life threatening.

Kratom, and the alkaloids and chemicals within it, also attaches itself to the opioid receptors within the brain which can block feelings of opiate cravings. This is one of the most positive kratom effects.

Kratom can Enhance Cognition and Focus


Cognitive function is the is the entire scope of cerebral activities and functions which lead to knowledge and include all mechanisms and means of acquiring new information. Attention span, memory and how your brain learns and processes languages all fall under the scope of cognitive function.

The way that your brain acquires its energy is from the nutrients that we put into our bodies. The natural alkaloids found within kratom leaves communicate with the delta, kappa and mu opioid receptors within our brain, which is how kratom leaves positively affects our cognition and focus. When consumed in small doses, it has been recorded that kratom increases your mental capacity.

Ingesting kratom leaves triggers a release of an organic chemical called acetylcholine, which functions within the brain and the body, and works to help you maintain your focus.

As mentioned before, ingesting kratom leaves also stamina, motivation and can make you more productive which goes hand in hand with sharper focus and cognition (9).

Kratom can Improve Your Sleep Cycle


Sleep is indescribably important. A lack of sleep can not only affect your physical performance, but your mental performance and functions too. Being sleep deprived can result in danger of developing heart disease or cardiovascular disease, limited cognitive functions and development, a lowered libido, memory loss, feelings of depression and weight gain, just to mention a few.

In this modern world the amount of sleep that the average adult gets has dropped considerably. Our sleep time is being disrupted by things like stress, screen time and longer working hours. Many people are buying sleeping aids like expensive mattresses and memory foam pillows to improve their quality of sleep, but there are also many less expensive natural remedies for a lack of sleep, one of which is kratom.

So how does kratom help with a lack of sleep? Certain strains of kratom have effects that are similar to that of a sedative. When you ingest kratom leaves, the alkaloids within them bond themselves to adrenoreceptors inside of your cells. This action produces signals which are sent to the body’s sympathetic nervous system. These signals are able to steady your breathing, to lower your heart rate, and to lull your entire body into a much more calm and peaceful state. Ingesting kratom leaves has a calming affect on the mind as well as the body (10).

The sedative actions of kratom leaves influences a person’s sleep-wake cycle, and be used to naturally treat night terrors, insomnia and parasomnia.

Kratom can Work as a Stress Reliever


Stress is such an accepted way of our modern lives, that it is given little thought which is unfortunate because stress is a very serious condition that can have real life harmful effects on our minds and bodies. You may even have heard the phrase “Stress is a killer” before, and it’s true. Stress can affect your body in a few of the following ways;


  • Stress can cause headaches
  • Stress can cause chest pain
  • Stress can cause feelings of anxiety
  • Stress can cause feelings of fatigue
  • Stress can cause a lack of sleep
  • Stress can cause a lowered libido
  • Stress can cause an upset stomach

Certain strains of kratom leaves, including the Borneo, Red Vein, Bali and Indo kratom strains are good for the relief from stress. Kratom works to boost your mood and to promote relaxation (11). Kratom leaves work as a nootropic. A nootropic is a cognitive enhancing substance that improves faculties like motivation and memory. This nootropic provided by the kratom leaves imparts a stimulatory effect which along with the alkaloids present in kratom leaves relieve pain and stress.

Red Vein Kratom Strain; this strain of kratom has strong pain relieving and sedative qualities, which works well for stress relief.

Borneo Kratom Strain; this strain of kratom is by far the most popular strain for stress relief. This is caused by the high amount of alkaloids it has. The Borneo Kratom Strain is also most popular for it’s ability to relieve feelings of anxiety, and its stimulating effects on the nerves within the body which results in pain relief.

Indo Kratom Strain; this strain of kratom works very similarly to the Borneo Kratom Strain but does not have as strong sedative qualities.

Bali Kratom Strain; this strain of kratom works well as a sedative and is popular because of its ability to reduce feelings of depression which tends to become severe in some people who are under a lot of stress (12).

Kratom has Antioxidant Properties


Antioxidant is a health buzzword that you may have been often hearing, but may not exactly know what it is or what it does. An antioxidant can be defined as a molecule within the body that actively inhibits and works against the oxidation of other molecules within the body. When a molecule becomes oxidized it is also known as a free radical. Free radicals damage molecules and cells throughout the body, which can cause serious damage to the tissues of your organs and your skin.

Antioxidants are also invaluable to the human body as they seek out the oxidized free radicals and work to inhibit their replication and destroy them. This is especially important as antioxidants carry out the same sequence of destruction on cancerous and potentially cancerous cells.

Kratom can Enhance Levels and Feelings of Motivation


There are many factors of daily twenty first century life that can hinder a person’s motivation. Air pollution, chemicals in our food, technology pollution and stresses from demanding jobs as well as extreme social pressures can all feed into the lowering of your stamina and motivation.

The active alkaloids present in kratom leaves are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine which show agonism (a chemical that is bound to a receptor in the brain that works to activate this receptor, and then causes this receptor to produce some kind of biological response) at the brain’s opioid receptors (13).

Ingesting kratom leaves increases something known as the ‘sympathetic activity’. The sympathetic activity is a phenomena in brain that triggers the release of the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline. When these hormones are released in tandem, you will experience what is known as an ‘adrenaline rush’. Ingesting kratom leaves also pushes the brain to release serotonin (commonly referred to as the feel good hormone), and dopamine (the hormone which increases feelings of happiness). When these hormones are released, a side effect is feeling more positive and motivated.

Please bear in mind that certain strains of kratom are better suited for this function than others. Kratom is a natural supplement that increase your personal productivity when taken in the correct amount.

Kratom can Aid in Weight Loss


Weight loss is a current epidemic faced by adolescents and adults alike, in fact, it is estimated that about two thirds of all adult in the United States are overweight, as well as about thirty percent of children in the United States. Being overweight can cause many dangerous health complications and risks. A few of the risks of being overweight or obese include but are not limited to;

  • Heart or cardiovascular disease
  • High levels of cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Developing sleep apnea
  • Increasing your risk of having a stroke


Kratom leaves effect weight loss in the body both directly and indirectly.

Kratom leaves work directly primarily in two ways to help aid weight loss. Kratom leaves work to suppress your appetite. Feeling fuller after consuming kratom leaves is a side effect that aids in weight loss. Kratom also works to reduce cravings, this is tied into how kratom works to wean people off of opiates. The less unhealthy food you crave, the less likely you are to eat it and the more weight you will lose!

Kratom works for weight loss indirectly as many people take kratom on an empty stomach as it tends to work better and have stronger effects when taken that way.

As with the other health benefits on this list, there are certain strains of kratom to look for and certain strains of kratom to avoid if you are looking for the particular benefit of weight loss. It is recommended to avoid the kratom strains of Borneo, Bali, Indo and Red Vein, and stick to the kratom strains of Maeng Da, Thai and White Vein if you are using kratom for it’s weight loss properties.

Increased weight gain or being obese can also be a factor in developing diabetes, which as we know is incredibly harmful but can also be lessened by ingesting kratom leaves (14). Kratom leaves and kratom powders are a unique and natural supplement that can be used to lose weight.

How do I Prepare Kratom?


Now that you know about the numerous and powerful health benefits that all the many strains of kratom encompass, you may be wondering how you will be able to ingest kratom. Not many people know about kratom in the West, so you may be feeling rather clueless about this. Kratom is available for digestion in many different forms. Some may appeal more to than others, as kratom has quite the distinctive taste. The good news is that kratom can be taken in a large variation of ways! Read through the options below and find the method that is right for you before you make your first purchase of this health benefit rich ingredient.


  • Kratom tea


Crushed up kratom leaves, or kratom leaves that have been turned into a powder is often consumed in the form of a tea. One reason why a lot of people do not choose to ingest kratom in the form of a tea is because the taste may be quite unpleasant to them. Kratom has an incredibly earthy taste that is not popular with everyone.

Crushed up kratom leaves or kratom powder is mixed with hot water to make a kratom tea. Before drinking the the hot water and kratom powder or crushed up kratom leaves need to be separated so that you are only drinking the kratom infused water and not the powder or crushed leaves. If you are using the powder, it will sink to the bottom of the cup of tea by itself, additionally you should allow the kratom tea to steep for about fifteen minutes. If you are using the crushed up kratom leaves, you need to actually strain the tea to remove the kratom leaves completely, additionally you should allow the kratom tea to steep for about forty minutes.

Kratom tea is commonly made hot or iced and there are many articles detailing different kratom tea recipes available online (15). You can also add other ingredients with their such own natural health benefits such as cinnamon and ginger to the kratom tea to make the taste of the more enjoyable whilst still getting all of the healthy kratom effects.


  • Kratom powder


There are two forms of kratom powder that are available for consumption; kratom extract powder from resin, made by adding a liquid to ground up kratom leaves and then boiling them down to form a resin which is usually then ground up finely in a blender, and kratom powder from leaves, which comes from dried raw kratom leaves which have crushed either at a specialized mill or can be done so at home in a blender.

As mentioned above, kratom powder can be used to make kratom tea, but that is not the only way that you are able to ingest kratom powder and all of it’s wonderful health benefits. Kratom powder can be added to applesauce, added to any flavored or type of yogurt, added to milkshakes or even honey. There is a wide range of foods that you can add the raw kratom powder to.


  • Dried and crushed kratom leaves


Crushed kratom leaves can, as we know, be added to a kratom tea in the same way that kratom powder can be.

Dried and crushed kratom leaves can also be ingested by being mixed into foods, if you do not mind the taste of the crushed kratom leaves as the taste may be more noticeable than with the kratom powder.

Where can I Purchase Kratom?


Now that you are read up of kratom and kratom effects, you will probably be interested in trying some out for yourself!

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